College and Career Support

Life after high school is full of so many new, exciting, and scary things.  YOUR Roosevelt counselors are here to support you through this transition, whether you plan to :

  • World of Work
  • Military
  • Community College
  • Four Year College
  • Trades/Apprenticeships

Post-Secondary Visits: All post-secondary visits to Roosevelt are shared on the Junior/Senior Rider Microsoft Teams page. Check out the calendar for the latest information!

Financial Aid: FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid): also known as “how to qualify for financial aid.”  FAFSA opens each year on October 1 for current Seniors to complete.  This assumes that they will attend in the Fall after they graduate.  Your counselor can help answer questions as you complete your FAFSA and provide a FAFSA Night each year for supports.  Please watch for these dates!  To help you organize the documents you need to submit your FAFSA, click here for a list to get you started.


>What is the difference between Scholarships, Grants, and Loans?  Find out here.

>Are there any resources for me to explore what I want to do after high school?  YES!  The district provides access to Kuder Navigator for all students.  You can log in at  Once there, “sign in with Clever” and use your district credentials to get logged on.

>I want to take classes at Central Campus, but I don’t know what is available.  Central Campus’ website is a wealth of information.  They have documents describing all of their programs that you can find HERE.

>Where can I request my transcript?   HERE!

>I need a letter of recommendation.  How do I request that?  Please reach out to your counselor or a teacher, depending on what the letter is needed for.  An email is a great way to make this request.   Please allow two weeks for a staff member to write you a letter.  You want a quality letter to support your application and that takes time!  Please be sure to include a list of activities and accomplishments (think stuff that goes on a resume) as well as what type of letter you are needing.  It will help us focus our letter to be sure to write about your specific characteristics that the application is asking for.