Des Moines Public School’s annual update through online registration is a mandatory process to ensure your student’s information and permissions are verified and updated for the upcoming school year.

The district’s expectation is that online registration be submitted no later than JULY 28th. This expectation supports our need to properly route eligible students for bus transportation. Students who register AFTER this date MAY NOT BE ROUTED UNTIL AFTER LABOR DAY.

Use  this link to open the parent portal. If you do not remember your Infinite Campus parent portal password, click here to request a password reset.

Your student’s district-provided device can be used to complete registration, and upload proof of residency if required. Please use either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your online web browser. You will need to log into your parent portal account.

  • Click on More in the list on the left-hand side.
  • Click on Online Registration to access the online application.

After clicking on Online Registration, please review the list of student(s) carefully . If you do not see ALL students who live in your home PRIMARILY, please contact the student’s school main office  BEFORE  you begin registration. Non-custodial or secondary parents are not allowed to complete online registration.

Once you have reviewed and completed your registration, you will click the RED submit button. You will be given several additional links to review at the conclusion of registration.

If you will be enrolling a NEW STUDENT  from your family into DMPS for the upcoming school year, please call the Welcome Center at 242-7371  BEFORE you begin your online registration application.

For additional information regarding online registration click HERE.

If your student(s) is entering grades kindergarten, sixth, or ninth grade or your student(s) in ninth or tenth grade will be participating in athletics, you are required to provide proof of residency. Additionally, if you change your address in the annual update through online registration, you are required to provide proof of residency.

The types of documentation that will be accepted (but not limited to) includes:

  •     Utility Bill or Confirmation of Services (cell phone and insurance bills are not acceptable documents)
  •     Lease or notarized statement from landlord
  •     Purchase Agreement with date
  •     Mortgage Statement with date
  •     Polk County Assessors- print copy of web page verifying property ownership
  •     Property tax statement with date
  •     Current vehicle registration
  •     DHS Paperwork with date
  •     Shelter Stay Verification  with date

All documents should be less than 60 days old with the exception of the vehicle registration (must be for current year) These documents need to be in the name of the parent/guardian.

If you are residing with family or friends, we will need a notarized letter from the person you are living with attesting that you and your child are currently residing at their address. In addition to the letter, we will need one form of address verification in their name, from the list above. Documents currently not accepted include mobile phone statements, internet provider statements, or mailings from DMPS. Pictures of your address on an envelope are not accepted.

Thank you for your prompt attention with online registration