State Academic Eligibility Policy

Roosevelt Blue Cards

All students participating in athletic activities, dance, and cheer must submit a request for a Blue Card, which confirms for the coach that all required paperwork and a current sports physical is on file for the athlete.

To request a Blue Card for Soccer, Tennis, Girls Golf, Cheer Tryouts, Softball, or Baseball – students should complete this Roosevelt Blue Card Request Form.

Once requested, Roosevelt Activities will verify all paperwork (guardian consent, code of conduct, concussion protocol) and current sports physical is on file. If there is any missing paperwork or physical, an email will be sent to the email included in the request form advising of what is missing.  When all paperwork and current physical are confirmed, a Blue Card will be completed for the student and given to the head coach prior to the first day of practice/tryouts of the new season.

If a Blue Card is requested after the first day of practice the student must pick it up from the Activities Office and provide it to the coach. A Blue Card is required to tryout or practice and compete – no exceptions are allowed. 



Q. Will my Blue Card transfer from sport to sport (i.e., basketball to tennis)?

A. No. Blue Cards are activity-specific and are not transferable across activities. A new Blue Card must be requested for every athletic, dance and cheer program a student participates in.

Q. What happens if my physical expires before the end of the activity season?

A. When the Blue Card is completed, it will include the expiration date of the physical on file. The coaches will review Blue Cards at the start of the season and periodically throughout the season and provide reminders when the expiration date is drawing near. However, it’s ultimately the responsibility of the student to ensure they maintain an active physical. When a physical becomes expired, the student may not practice or compete in the activity.

If you have any additional questions, please stop by the Roosevelt Activities Office or call 515.242.7277 for answers.