FAQs for 20-21


Yep, it’s been confusing!

7 classes/8 classes?  Releases?  See the answers to some frequently asked questions below!

Another resource of amazing value is the email sent by Mr. Biggs on 8/24/20, with an attachment that addresses a multitude of questions for the upcoming school year!

How to read your schedule…


· Roosevelt will have a 4×4 schedule for Terms 1 and 2.

· In 4×4 schedule has students meeting every day for 9 weeks. In other words, students will complete a semester of work in 9 weeks instead of 18 weeks that has been typical in the past.

· For each of the two terms, you will have classes that meet each day with the same teacher.

· Please note! Since 4×4 schedules meet each day Monday-Friday, the content will move very quickly and attendance/participation in these classes daily is important in order to be successful.

· There will be deadlines of assignment submission and pacing expectations.

· It is essential that you check your school email every day. Let your teacher know the best way to communicate with you and your parents.

· Microsoft TEAMS messaging and emails will be the primary way of communication to students.

-RELEASES:  ALL students will have at least 1 release.  Our technology only allowed for 4 classes per Term.  (There  are two terms per semester).  Because we only offer 7 classes per semester (between the two terms) we had to release one period in order to account for our semester.  So you will have 3 classes one term and 4 classes the opposite term.  If you have class at Central CAMPUS, you may have more releases to account for those classes.  See below for more details on Campus and Academy!

-Can I take 8 classes?  Unfortunately, this will not be an option.  We do not have enough room in classes to allow for students to take more than 7 classes in a semester.

-I’m missing classes that I need for graduation:  You are only able to see Terms 1 and 2 currently.  Semester 2 has yet to be built as we are waiting for guidance from the district regarding second semester learning.  You will be scheduled for grad required classes for second semester.


Teachers will communicate with during each class time that instruction will be ‘live’ and/or your teacher will be on-line. During the class time below, you will be engaged in a mix of synchronistic and asynchronistic learning*.

Period 1 8:30am-10:00am

Period 2 10:00am-11:30am

Lunch 11:30am-12:30pm

Period 3 12:30pm-2:00pm

Period 4 2:00pm-3:30pm

Reasons to Change Your Schedule – District Guidance

      A student may request a schedule change if any one of the following criteria is met:

  • One of the following scheduling errors:
  •         Already completed the a course and passed it
  •         Missing a graduation requirement
  •         Scheduled for a class out of sequence
  •         Not enough classes to be on track for graduation—most students need 3 courses each 9-week term.
  • One of the following significant life events
    1. Graduation Plan has dramatically changed and requires a different course path
    2. Parental Consent has been received to drop an elective or AP course
    3. Any other significant life event approved by building administration

All requests for schedule changes will go through this website, which will be open from 8/28/20 – 9/4/20https://dmschools.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_b73X1FCyrV5QMVn


Questions about the Central Schedule:

Roosevelt teachers are aware that in person classes at Central Campus will overlap with some virtual Roosevelt classes. Please communicate clearly and often with your Roosevelt teacher about any virtual classes that will be missed because you are at Central Campus for in-person learning. You will not be penalized for missing a virtual class to attend an in-person Central Campus class, however you are not excused from Roosevelt classwork that takes place during your in-person Central Campus class.

For questions about Central Campus scheduling, you can contact:

John Hickling, student last names A-L, john.hickling@dmschools.org

Jennifer Scott, student last names M-Z, jennifer.scott@dmschools.org

Mary Vang, scheduling assistant, mary.vang@dmschools.org

Extra Release due to a Central Campus Class:

Schedules for Central Campus look really different this year. On your Roosevelt schedule all Central Campus classes are noted in the “Arranged” section of your schedule. In that “Arranged” section, there is listed a number that corresponds with how many class periods your Central Campus class takes up. In your Roosevelt schedule, you’ll see the same number of “Release” periods. Students can have a total of 7 class periods each semester.

For questions about Central Academy scheduling, you can contact: Kris Hilton, counselor, kristin.hilton@dmschools.org Jami Powers, scheduling assistant, jami.powers@dmshools.org

Computer pick up at Roosevelt:

Wednesday through Friday, Sept. 2nd – 4th: Stop by Roosevelt High’s Northwest doors and receive your computer device (if you don’t already have a DMPS device), school supplies, and/or speak with a staff member about your questions. We’ll have staff available from 10am – 2pm on Wednesday – Friday, and 5pm – 7pm on Wednesday and Thursday.

Can I use my own computer?  It is strongly suggested that students use district issued technology in order to best provide tech support and ensure that students have access to the software and resources provided by the district.

Do I use my computer from 8th grade?  If you already have a computer, you will keep that computer, even if it came from a different school!

For specific technology related questions or to troubleshoot issues, please contact the district support at (515) 242-8221.

Log on and Password questions: call (515) 242-8221.

Hot Spot Access:

DMPS is trying to get as many families as possible signed up for a Mediacom program that allows a family to have internet at a speed that allows for online school work. The program is $22/month. If this is possible for your family, here is the link to sign up for the program: https://mediacomc2c.com/apply.aspx. After you sign up, someone from Mediacom will call you to get you going. If Mediacom won’t work for your family, Roosevelt is going to be allotted a certain number of hot spots. Right now we aren’t sure how many or when they’ll become available. For specific technology related questions, contact Brandon Hope, Roosevelt technology support, brandon.hope@dmschools.org.