9th Grade Transition

UnDeR cOnStRuCtIoN – thank you for your patience as we work to update resources for you!

April 14th, 2020 – New Family Night – CANCELLED.    Families who will be new to Roosevelt in the Fall of 2020 will be sent information regarding choosing courses in the coming weeks.  This will include frequently asked questions, graduation requirements, online form to request courses and access to the course catalog.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to roll out this information in a new way.

Transitioning to High School can be overwhelming and confusing.

Your Roosevelt Counselors, Community School Coordinators and Rider Crew mentors work closely with Callanan, Cowles, and Merrill Middle Schools to provide as much information and guidance to students and families as possible to help navigate the transition.

Below you will find some resources that may answer frequently asked questions regarding this transition.

9th Grade Night at TRHS

Did you miss the 9th grade night at TRHS on 12/3?  Find the powerpoint here.

Academic Planning Powerpoint

This presentation is what is shared with all students as an overview to graduation requirements, pathways in different core content, elective options, etc.

9th Grade Course Request Form

This is the form we will use to work with students to choose courses.  Note the second page has listed all of the courses that could potentially be offered.

District Course Catalog

This catalog includes courses across the district.  Please use it as a resource to find course descriptions to help you when selecting classes.  A list of courses available at Roosevelt are on Page 2 of the Course Request Form (9th Grade) above.