9th Grade Orientation~ 8am-12pm Last names, A-GO (August 3rd) Last Names GR-NGO (August 4th) Last Names NGU-Z (August 5th)

9th Grade Orientation

Last names, A-GO (August 3rd) 8:00am to noon

Last names, GR-NGO (August 4th) 8:00am to noon

Last names, NGU-Z (August 5th) 8:00am to noon.

Please arrive on time

The make-up dates for 9th grade orientation are:

August 23, August 24 (10:00am to noon). This make up is only a building tour and Q &A.

For questions regarding 9th grade orientation, please contact Lupe Thomason

Lupe.thomason@dmschools.org, 242-7666, (858) 335-2319 (cell).


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