Drama Presents “The Adding Machine”

March 6, 7 and 8 at 7:30 PM in the Auditorium.  Tickets go on sale at 7 PM and cost $5.

Also, congratulations to all our performers who earned Division I ratings and went to the State Contest!  See many of these performers in play!

Mr. Zero: Travis Reinders

Mrs. Zero: Emily Stavneak

Daisy: Madeline Browning

The Boss: Dakota Sommer

Mr. One: Jack Bruner

Mrs. One: Mary Brightman

Mr. Two: Chris Hanian

Mrs. Two: Abby Swanda

Mr. Three: Taran Christiansen

Mrs. Three: Isabel Allaway

Mr. Four:  Jonah Kruse

Mrs. Four:  Madison McKibben

Mr. Five: Sam Billingsley

Mrs. Five:  Marie Angier

Mr. Six:  Bryan Nauman

Mrs. Six: Amina Sayeed

Policeman: Alec Bain

Judy:  Elizabeth Fishr

Young Man: Connor Bredbeck

Shrdlu: Sam Hoover  

Lieutenant Charles: Cal Reed

Joe: Jack Bruner

The Head:  Joe McDonald


Director- Mrs. Lori Glawe

Production Manager- Mr. Alex Snodgrass

Assistant Director- Caleigh O’Donnell

Stage Manager’s- Allie Rapp, Alec Bain

Assistants- Jason Ross and Michael Reid

Theatre Assistants- Mrs. Andy Sutton, Mrs. Elizabeth Sheridan, Mr. Michael Williams, Ms. Katy Merriman

Student crew heads-

Set- Alec Bain, Sadie Crees, Jack Bruner

Costumes- Elizabeth Fisher, Anna Jochum, Emily Stavneak, Emma Wellman

Make up- Annie Majure, Deidra Ennis, Abby Swanda

Morale- Isabel Allaway, Claire Guderjahn, Jonah Kruse

Publicity- Caleigh O’Donnell

Lights- Marie Angier, Dakota Sommer, Keegan Walpole

Sound- Brandon Kair, Colette Atwood

Props- Mary Brightman, Donna Jordan, Lily Graves

Camera- Amina Sayeed

House- Emma Gaer, Ali Nielsen

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